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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I don't want to disparage the ingenuity or hard work that this inventor went through to develop this product, but... ... ... ISN'T THIS WHAT I WRONG WITH OUR WORLD?

Not only do we have to have two cars in every garage (and a trailer, truck, Sea-Do, and more) but we feel the need to secure all kinds of gismos to make life easier.  

COME ON NOW!  I hope I don't offend anyone by saying, "Can't you crack and separate your own eggs?"  Is it all that hard?  I am a number one klutz; an accident waiting to happen.  Just read other posts if you don't believe me, but, I CAN CRACK AN EGG!  Sure I get a piece of the shell in the scrambled eggs, sometime (ok, usually).  I do one of two things.  I either fish it out with the pancake turner or smash it into several smaller pieces so it's not as noticeable (great source of calcium).

With one hand my grandmother could crack, separate, and dispose of the shells of a dozen eggs in (as she would say) "In the shake of a lamb's tail."  

Why do gadgets like this even whisper,  "Buy me!"  Some very enterprising person is getting rich off of items like this.  Impulsive people have drawers full of these kinds of things which they can't find (because of the sheer number) until after the need has passed.  My aunt Zelda was like that.  She had a plethora (another word I love see #44) of gimmicks and gadgets lining her drawers and spilling out of containers on her counter tops.  She had an orange peeler, a mini paper shredder (and I mean wee), a butter pad slicer, a prune pitter, and an apple corer, all neatly arranged around her air fern (which could, conveniently enough be ordered out of the same catalogue).  The above list is just a small accounting of the 50 or more items that she had laying around.  She sat in her chair with her pen, check book, and about a dozen or so of THOSE catalogues; ordering regularly.

WE NEED STUFF!  WE NEED ALL KINDS OF STUFF! AND WE NEED OUR STUFF NOW (as evidenced by the offer of speedier delivery for only $4.00 on the order sheet)!  We don't seem to be satisfied with just having the basics.  We are spoiled, wasteful, and unashamed of our gluttony for STUFF.  Ok, this probably does not apply to everyone (how many of you go by the name of Mother Theresa... I thought not).  I have been as guilty as the next person.  HOWEVER, THIS IS THE BASIS FOR ONE OF MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS to DE-STUFF (or should it be UN-STUFF)!  Join me why don't you!

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  1. Some very good observations here, Karen. I am guilty, too, of having bought stuff that rarely if ever gets used and you're absolutely right, it is wasteful and unnecessary.

  2. Karen, I agree 100% with your point, our society does have too much stuff! What loser needs an "EZ Cracker" to crack an egg? (Apologies to readers who may own one!) I took your advice on the next interviewee, sent a request, thanks for the tip!

  3. PS And thanks for the listing on the righthand column of your blog, much appreciated and to be reciprocated shortly!

  4. Am in, am in...I quit buying stuff last year and is on the way to de-cluttering my house...

  5. I really do have trouble with the egg cracking thing....

  6. I go nuts with all the stuff for the kitchen - I won't even use a meat pounder (is that what it's called?) I use the side of a small plate. (Does wonders!)

  7. I try to always make sure that if I buy something it has multiple uses. That is why I generally stick with kitchen basics, like a good knife to do most jobs. However, once I worked at a day care as a cook. They had an apple corer/slicer (you know the round thing with handles that looks like a wagon wheel) Well, that thing was such a neat time saver, that I always have one in the house now. My kids are so used to having sliced apples, that eating an unsliced apple is a total novelty! Haha. By the way. I am very clumsy, too. But, when I was married, my husband taught me to cook, and he taught me the egg cracking technique your Grandma used. Now, I can impress my kids with it. It is one of the few things I can do where I am NOT a bumbler! Lol!

  8. In researching for a blog post called "One What?" I found a pasta spinner - a fork that had a mechanical spinner so you could get all your spaghetti on the tines! A must buy for your aunt and all the egg crackers out there!