Sunday, August 22, 2010


My son, Gene, was a cute little kid that shared EVERYTHING.  He is in his 40’s now, but when he was in his 2s he had to have major surgery (because of a inguinal hernia).  As you would expect this was a HUGH deal to him as it was to all of us.  The operation went fine and Gene recovered nicely.  However, it did direct his attention to the incision area between his legs. 

One day we were in the local department store in downtown Indio, California.  His incision was completely healed but his interest wasn’t.

An older lady approached us down the main isle.  She saw my son (who seemed to always draw the attention of older women).  She immediately smiled at him.  She bent down to his level and started talking to him. 

My, son, a very friendly open and sunny kid, smiled back at the lady and said, “Ewe wan-a see my op-ra-tion?”

Before I could react, the older lady said, “Yes.”  Then my son immediately yanked his pants to the floor and proudly thrust his pelvis forward. He, also, had the presence of mind to adjust his small package to the side so the lady could have a clear view.

The poor woman instantly turned scarlet, her hand flew to her chest, and she got up so fast that I thought she would feint.  She quickly bustled away (never looking back once).

My unfazed son pulled up his pants and we went on our way.  I may be warped but I got the giggles, which shortly thereafter, broke out in unrestrained laughter (particularly when I remembered the look of pride on his face as he shared his op-ra-tion).

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  1. What a cute story--and that store is now was probably Gottshalks--they just closed last year. The Indio mall has lost all the major tenants. I think they need an operation!

  2. Oh Karen, how you jog my memory. I think we must run parallel lives.
    When my son was about 4 he pinched his little package in his zipper. Well, of course it hurt like crazy and he started crying. He ran to me with said item in hand and asked me to kiss it!!!

  3. lol....wonder what your son would have to say when he gets to know that he's the topic of discussion for the day.....:)

  4. I found your blog while surfing tonight. Your title intrigued me and I had to stop for a visit. Loved your post and will be back soon and spend some time reading your stories!

  5. Awww. That made me giggle! Cute story