Thursday, March 3, 2011

# 147-THURSDAY'S THERAPY (Comments on #83 O Christmas Tree... ...)

I love reading people's comments.  Therefore, I have decided to pick a comment each Thursday to post.  Of course this will fall FLAT if you guys aren't making comments!  This is no longer an issue.  In fact, I have so many wonderful comments to choose from that I am having a hard time keeping up.  THANK YOU!  ALL OF YOU! 
(And yet another change.  I decided to rename this meme THURSDAY'S THERAPY because I consider this blog to be therapy for me as your comments keep me going!  Also, since I have been getting so many comments I am going to do several of the comments on a particular post, again.)

jhitomi said...

My family had one of those silver foil trees and the rotating circle of colored lights illuminating it. I thought it was really great.
clenna said...

My mother was so proud when she bought a silver tree. We all thought she'd lost her mind. And those rotating color lights - ugh! 

My first year married we got a real tree - scrawny tree. (all that we could afford). The water stand broke the first day, so we just leaned it against the wall. Do you know that a year later we were still finding pine needles in the carpet (last year that I had a real one!)

 I just looked them up!  They are now termed "vintage"  or  "retro" and a 7 ft tree with a color wheel cost $675.00!

Gina Alfani said...
Having raised baby birds . . . I know what you are talking about!

You know what . . . I absolutely hated those silver Christmas trees.

Thanks for visiting my blog . . . I'm partial to the squirrel cartoon too :)

Have an awesome day . . . Gina

ape2016 said...
How funny! I had a parakeet named Kiki. She was sweet and I often took her from her cage and she would walk all over me and perch on my shoulder and make all sorts of little 'talky' noises at me. I started working a lot, so I got her a friend. Another parakeet, Coco. Coco turned out to be evil and made my Kiki evil, too. Where once I had a sweet bird that loved to 'groom' me, I ended up with 2 that tried to peck my eyes out. One day when I was cleaning the cage, they both pecked me up badly and then got out of the cage. I used to kill myself trying to catch them, this time I didn't even flinch when the flew out the door when the kids came in from playing. I know, I am bad!
The Desert Rocks said...

I bet you look for them in the trees every time you hear chirping birdies.

And, please explain to me how I can get this when looking up parakeetlip art (really!)?



Raynata said...
Newest follower! Can't wait to read all your uncommon thoughts!
Jenny said...

Found you on the blog hop! I'm your newest follower! 

Well, I guess I didn't live up to their expectations because I just checked and I have not heard from them again.  This is why I call this post Thursday's "Therapy." This is helping mt to learn to live with stuff like "rejection".  I have also learned that there are a lot of wonderful strangers out there who accepts this looney lady just as I she is!  kt 3/2011


  1. Here's my therapy:
    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise',
    I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

  2. wow, that's crazy, you mean I should have kept that old christmas tree color wheel to sell on ebay? Oh, shoot, along with all my brothers' old comic books. Oh well.