Monday, June 6, 2011


I have explained to you before that I have had ADHD my entire life.  One of the numerous problems is that this disorder causes memory problems.  Often I was forced to over learn everything and how to severely focus my attention in order to remember something I had to regurgitate on an exam.  I came up with several tricks to trigger my memory.  The following is just one of many.


Studying for my Masters exam caused me some anxiety and a great number of long nights trying to drum information into this brain of mine.

Finally, I came up with a scathingly (I love that word) brilliant idea.  It was noticed by me that I always seemed to remember stuff I wrote on my hand when I couldn’t find a paper.  So, I ran an experiment and wrote my grocery lost on my belly.   Sure enough, when I got to the grocery store I remembered what was on my list and picked up everything (and, back then, I had an ample belly for even very long lists).  There is no way I can begin to explain how this managed to work, it just did.

Therefore, the day before my Masters Exam I wrote all pertinent information (in a shortened form, of course) on my abdomen, my belly, my thighs, my upper arms and, yes, my boobs.  I was sure to write this list on parts of my body that I could not see, because this wasn’t to be used as a cheat sheet just a memory jog.

When a question would come up about best practices I would think belly, and voilà, the information would pop into my mind (so on and so forth).  I was a little paranoid on the way to and from the exam.  What if I was in an accident or on earth would I explain this to the ER people?  Not only that I failed to consider how difficult the magic marker ink might be to remove (it took me 3 days). 

When I left the exam I felt as though I had done a thorough job, but when I, later, talked to my counselor about the results he said that I ACED the exam.  It was a first for them.  When he asked me how I did it I simply said,  "Well, sir,  I studied so hard that the information became as familiar to me as my own body." 

I haven’t used this method since because life does not have written exams.  But, it did prove to myself that I could come up with unique, practical, and successful ways to solve problems, which is a skill all good mothers and teachers need.

POST SCRIPT: I did try to come up with art.  I actually wrote some educational facts on my tummy and photographed it.....well, let me just say that it a sight that no one would ever want to see.  

(By the way, I have a serious problem.  That horrible picture is on my image folder and I .....WANT....IT....OFF!  How on earth does one delete one of those uploaded images?  Why did I even up load it in the first place?  Did I actually consider using it?   STOP SMILING....I'M SERIOUS!)

kt 6/2011


  1. Very cute. Did you visit my blog before "remembering to write this?" Or are we on a similar wavelength?

  2. The Magic Marker pen was a great idea! I'm just thinking about what could have happened if you had used a regular felt tip pen (not waterproof) & you had got caught in the rain...

  3. That's quite a system for sure kiddo.

  4. Too funny. I always found that writing something, no matter where I wrote it (I usually went with comparably boring notebook paper), helped me remember it better. Your story reminds me of the one and only time I cheated ever in school. I was having a particularly rough time in physics in 9th grade. I love physics, but at the time I was a little distracted by my cute new boyfriend. So, on the day of our big exam, my best friend and I decided to cheat. We wore mini skirts and wrote the answers on our thighs with eyeliner (my criminally genius idea, because we could easily wipe the evidence off). We cheated and passed and like the smarmy 14 year old I was, I felt smug about 'pulling one over' on my teacher. That is until he passed the tests back and when he handed us ours he said, "I know some of you all cheated, but I figure that with all the trouble you went to, you might have actually learned something." Man...I felt sheepish. Funny thing is, I have ran into that teacher several times in the last few years and we always have a laugh about this.

  5. Well now I know what to do. Both my boys have severe ADHD (wonder where they got that from?) I dont think I will tell them that method though because they would be reading their stomachs during test lol. I don't know how to get that picture off. sorry as I have said many times I'm computer illiterate. (or maybe I don't have the attention span to sit down and fiugre it out.)

  6. Just came back to say,"_________________!" and to leave some hugs!

  7. I doubt there are many of us on here that have what you would call a pretty tummy. After seven children and being 74 years old...ANY tummy has to look better than mine! I say...SHOW IT! hee hee...I'm teasing.