Saturday, October 9, 2010


My granddaughter Kallie  (pronounced Kay-Lee, who is now 21) was the most adorable little kid you would ever want to know.  She was funny and loving and oh so very cute.  Her giggle would make anyone laugh, and her eyes always sparkled with joy.

One time, when she was about 8 or 9, she spent the night and I didn’t have an extra bed for her.   So, I folded out an aluminum cot.  It was going to be a cold night and I wanted to be sure that she was warm enough so I extricated a sleeping bag from my camping gear.

When asleep, Kallie would spin like a top.  That is why she wasn’t about to sleep with me.  I learned the hard way that a foot and the back of a hand thrown wildly over my face was a definite hazzard.  However, since she was such a wild one when asleep, I decided I needed to bungee chord the sleeping bag to the cot.  She was short so I just tied one at the foot and then put one over the top part that was underneath her and zipped the puppy up.

In the middle of the night, nature called.  I walked into the adjoining room where Kallie was sleeping and almost made the nature call right then and there.  A small night light was illuminating the following scene:  Little Kallie was laying face down on the floor. Her delicate hands hands were laced sweetly under her chin.  She had the Aluminum cot strapped to her back and was SOUND ASLEEP! 

I grabbed for my camera…..but RATS, no film!  So, I stood there (with my knees together) and laughed while I watched her sleeping peacefully.   After attending to my business, I picked her (and the bed) up, righting them both at the same time.  Before, I went back to bed I undid the chords so as not to repeat the incident.

The next morning I told her about her sleeping arrangement and we both laughed.  I told her that I was now going to call her my LITTLE TURTLE.



  1. My daughter sleeps like a wild woman. I have recieved several heals to the head! That is pricless though. At least it was aluminum and she didn't get hurt. Kids!

  2. That is so cute. I wonder if her current or future husband might need to be warned....

  3. I screamed with laughter!! This is the kind of thing my youngest would do. She has always slept with me and I have suffered more kicks and smacks, even a bloody nose. I almost got my bed back when I put all new furniture and decorations in her room. She had said to me, "Mommy, if you buy me Justin Bieber posters for my room, I will sleep in my own bed." Yep, she suckered me!