Saturday, October 9, 2010


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For those of you recently following, this is a reprint of an earlier post (with some graphic modifications)

Originally I started out hoping I could of think of ten STUPID things I have done during my lifetime.  Unfortunately, these twenty are just the tip of the iceberg!

  1.   Don’t step up on a tall step (especially when you have to pee). 
  2.   Check out which way the staples come out of a staple gun before
        you use it (or you can staple your work glove to your palm = See #38, What a Maroon!). 

Woops. wrong hand!

  3.   Don’t carry a ladder through a room with a ceiling fan (at least not upright).
  4.   Don’t try to fry eggs on your daughter's glass stove top (she has a mean left hook).
  5.   Speaking of eggs.  Don’t boil eggs in the microwave, either (Ka-pow!).
  6.   Don’t touch the drill bit right after you use it (unless you like pain).
This house was cut
in half by a maniac
wielding a circular saw
  7.   Circular saws can cut through sawhorses (and lots of other GOOD stuff).
  8.   Lawnmowers can throw a rock against a tree so hard that the rock can ricochet off
        (and hit you in the head). 
  9.   But, even more important, lawnmower blades can chop up grass shears 
        (and shoot them out the side as lethal projectiles - just ask my cat).
10.  A tarantula bite feels like a bee sting (and visa versa).
11.  Metal canoes can be bent in half (try not to be in them when they do).
12.  Don’t make a swimsuit out of terry cloth (think about it).
animated gif
13.  It's the gasoline vapors that ignite (in a big flash) not the liquid gass.
14.  Eyebrows can be burned off by ignited gasoline vapor (also eyelashes and the paper you are holding in your hand).
15.  You can’t paper train a male dog, (unless you also hang a paper on the wall).
16.  And while I am on the subject of pets, no matter how hard you try you can't get a cat to
       blow its nose (but trying to do so can teach them how to blow their cool).
17.  Copper bottom pans can melt off onto the burner (if you get them hot enough).
18.  Also, skillets are no good after they catch on fire (at least they stick like crazy).
19.  Paper plates don’t fare well in the dishwasher (they kind of clog up the works...don't ask).
20.  Don’t stand on the front porch and watch electricity, from lightening, travel up the wet sidewalk toward you (unless you want an electrifying experience).

Yes!  I have first hand experience with EVERY one.

Since spring is on the horizon and,  many projects are being planned, I am SURE there will be a part 2 coming soon. 

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  1. Karen, you're an accident waiting to happen it would seem :) Or just a very inquisitive person prone to lots of dangerous experimentation!

  2. Holy cow.....very adventurous life huh? :)

  3. Very cute. Do you enjoy living dangerously?

  4. Dear oh dear! You really are accident prone and I thought I had a wild past! Now about this tattoo? It's Saturday (well it's Saturday here)

  5. Someone else who's accident prone, I'm not alone :-) I just have a different 20 incidents.

  6. I think we are klutzy karmic twins. Yesterday, I got to stand in a thunderstorm, holding an umbrella (with lightning flashing) so that my son's science project would stay dry. Thoughtful mother that I am, I reminded my son that IF I were to get zapped, he would miss his science fair.